Month: March 2017

25 Mar

How to identify and find the best treatment for each type of acne

All pimples are not equal. This makes sense, because there are so many factors – d. H. Hygiene, hormones and genetics – which can lead to your epidemics and make them worse. But knowledge is power, and the very fact of knowing that there are different types, and that each species requires its plan of attack, requires that you follow the curve of light skin. Once you understand what you are working with, it will be much easier to cope with. Here, to find out your final guide, then take any type of acne, according to dermatologists. Learn how to identify and treat various types of acne, including acne, whiteheads, blind spots and cystic acne.

black dot
What you see: Dark, tiny dots in the midst of your pores.
What’s new: you may be too familiar with those who tend to start when you are in high school. “Blackheads, like white ones, are clogged with pores,” says Zeychner. What gives them their same color is oil. It is already dark, but the black dots also have a larger hole on the surface than the white dots, which means that air can penetrate into the pores and oxidize it, making it even darker.
How to fight: Exfoliation is a step that you can not ignore if you have acne. The speaker recommends the combination of washing washed with salicylic acid with porous strips; Proven deep cleansing strips of Biore ($ 6).
Blobs skin care products and concealer
Blind buttons
What you see: just thin, but incredibly painful – a hump under the skin.
What’s happening? They do not actually see them, but they feel them – that’s why they are called blind buttons. “The blind button is like a balloon under the skin, which has nothing to do with the surface of the skin, so there is no room for it,” says Zeichner. Pressure builds up under the skin, which makes it sensitive.
How to deal: Talk about touching no! Tingling, squeezing or biting only worsen the situation. They can disappear on their own in a few days. Otherwise, the designer suggests asking the dermatologist to prescribe a dose of cortisone, which reduces inflammation and shrinks in just 24-48 hours. But if at the last minute appointment is not on cards, you play a mad scientist. First, freeze the area, then use salicylic acid gel, benzoyl peroxide gel and 1% hydrocortisone cream. The combination calms the skin, kills bacteria and removes excess oil from the pimple – all that is needed to correct it, – says Zeychner.

Rapid acceleration of acne Murada
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Inflammatory acne – pustules
What you see: red, angry pimples, filled with white or yellow liquid.
What happens: they may vaguely look like whiteheads, but they are actually in the family of inflammatory acne, “says Zeichner. Pustules filled with pus – you guessed it – the result of bacterial inflammation.
How to deal with this: think of it as a bigger, sharp white. Best, says Zeichner, is to get benzoyl peroxide, which kills bacteria. Treatments like Murad Acne Spot Fast Fix ($ 22) should do the trick. Do not try to open them – however tempting it may be. As they become inflamed, they are more often cured when you do DIY.