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25 Jan

Spring / Summer 2018 Fashion trends: the most important items for immediate purchase

Fashion trends in the spring / summer of 2018 are simply brilliant, arrogant and very beautiful. In fact, it was a season of the show, full of current fashionable moments, and this is not an exaggeration. I’m talking about a guy who even the coolest critics of fashion had for their phones with the Google Pixel camera 2. And the gateway, which really set the mood, impressed everyone, and was so at ease that almost every S / S 18 trend under the sun, of course, was Versace.

It was a collection that deserved to be associated with this word, and it makes sense, knowing that this glamorous story pays homage to Gianni Versace for 20 years of his untimely death. His bold vision and original mannequins appeared thanks to the creative direction of his sister Donatella Versace.

The pine fell to the ground. The shopping lists were overloaded. Stylists and A-Lister must argue before coming to the collection next year. And we all remembered the time when the models were really wonderful – look at Naomi, Eve, Carla, Cindy and Claudia, who shine in a gold mail coat.

This moment in Milan lasted a month for three weeks, and he carefully sorted out a few words that we wrote: color is the key (be it fat or pastel), the 80s will not stop, and if you are, you do not need today Spit on all shoulders and stilettos, but the option definitely exists.

When you leave the sports street booth, the atmosphere becomes more beautiful and sweet, and those who like to dress will be delighted. The minimalists and missed boys also have a great choice: next year – pantsuit and flat sky. Continue reading to learn the fashion trends of S / S 18, from color to prints to key elements and new details.

Designers avoided all other eras to clearly focus on the 1980s. Silhouettes are all in place (I think, bare waist, broad shoulders and long legs), and muses are those that you can imagine from the sequel: Diane, the Princess of Wales, continues to influence high fashion places with White’s Off – Virgil Abloh cites the icon late style as an inspiration for her spring collection.

This time there are two very different camps since the 80s, and more casual views of the decade may interest you more than the gloriously exaggerated evening dresses of people like Saint Laurent. For spring, enough jeans with a high waist, sewn in white boots and put on a lid.

And then there are certain elements of springs that not only serve as glue that keeps together all other trends, more temporary, but also elements of investment that last a lifetime. Here are the classic things that happened more often …

9 street trends to be held this year
Deconstructed and combined into something very special (see Balenciaga, where the front is a coat while the back is cracked in a denim coat) or is true to tradition, almost on every main path there was a trench -coat. From a bikini to a meeting with clothes.

Do I have a desire to take something now? You can already buy our cut of the best coats.

These were futuristic single sneakers Nicholas Gesquiere for Louis Vuitton, which attracted fans during the Fashion Week in Paris. However, in other influential places there were many geeks. Expect that the girls will imitate the nights of Prada and Velcro every day.

Are you ready to catch something? Take a look at the five best classic crosses that you will have.

25 Jul

All the trends that you will wear in 2018

It’s time to get on board and ride the train of trends – this is our final guide to the trends of SS18 on the podium

The dust of the month of fashion has come, we finally emptied our suitcases from the Fashion Week in Paris (still unable to find the missing earring) and the street guards returned to Kira Kira’s breakfast to show off. We conducted a study of fashion trends in the spring / summer of 2018, and now we will say that it’s time to develop a wardrobe next season. Let’s be honest, it’s never too early to start this wish list – especially if you want more than just hoping to get this gucci handbag in your hands. What did we learn from NY / London / Milan / Paris Fashion Week?

We have two words – Fashion Prozac. That’s right, after an epic and depressing year for politics (and almost everything else), designers reacted as best they could. With an exciting, colorful and happy clothes that kidnapped us in another universe. Iridescent colored kaleidoscopes, delightful new sweet almond pastels, Versace Insta-rupture manikin reunion, some pretty powerful 80-suits and OTT-texture and bangs in abundance. Message: the view can be a little dark at the moment, but at least we can dress happily …

Scroll down all the trends of the spring / summer of 2018
2018 Summer Fashion Trends: Crayola Colors

Summer Fashion Trends 2018 Crayola ColorsThe designers stole the Pantone color chart from the bright primary colors – Tomato Red showed a strong presence that could be seen all over from Preen to Victoria Beckham. There is cobalt, emerald green and bright yellow. See Balenciagas from head to foot – a yellow-brown dress of the same color on the top with long sleeves and equipped with the appropriate platform Balenciaga Crocs – and win the coolest / wildest award for the cooperation of the season,

woolen jacket

Wes Anderson Style

If tanning from head to foot is not your bag, there is always …

Summer Fashion Trends 2018: Pastel Colors

Delicate shades of sweet almonds shook the connotations of Hyacinth carpets and became fashionable. Prina’s star show, inspired by the sari and movements for women’s rights, was a master class on how to make beautiful and strong – with one-shoulder dresses and figures covered in delicate shades of pale pink and green. Big news: Purple that most of Mama’s queen have the colors, ready for a big comeback. Buy a lilac bag. Or take a dose of Neapolitans, such as Celine Cream and Pink Combo.