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Dubai: Zhilan Creative, a Dubai-based international entertainment, events, arts and cultural exchanges company, has focused on the Chinese market since its conception.

It aims to inspire and connect consumers and media, from different cultural backgrounds in order to provide an array of services, from talent management to cross-cultured events of the seven arts. With inspiring and pioneering ideas, seeking to create an impact and a lasting impression, they offer potential business opportunities for the UAE to expand beyond the horizon, under the close relationship between the UAE and China.

October is an auspicious month for the company. Zhilan Creative’s first anniversary is on October 16, while their founder’s birthday is on October 21.

The company plans to embark on a cultural exchanges journey, hoping to celebrate the unique cultures of the UAE and China by introducing more outstanding Chinese artists to the UAE.

The month started with a special birthday celebration honouring a popular Chinese celebrity. The party was hosted at Nine Square, a restaurant popular with Chinese netizens for its delicious food, in accordance with Covid-19 regulations. Various events related to this celebrity will take place around the world, from light shows to expos and special billboard ads. As a supporter of cross-cultural events, Chinese celebrities and Chinese culture, Zhilan Creative hosted the Dubai party, offering exciting online giveaways for lucky fans all over the world for a week starting September 30.